Metal roofing in Odessa

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Metal Tile Price in Odessa

Metal roofing Odessa:

Metal tile Ukraine 0,45 Monterrey
250 UAH per m2

Metal tile Italy 0,45 Retro
266 UAH per m2

Metal roofing Slovakia 0,45 Maxima
270 UAH per m2

Metal roofing 0,5 Poland
300 UAH per m2

Metal tile 0,5 Germany
320 UAH per m2

Actuality of the price should be clarified in the sales department!

If you live in Odessa and are considering installing a quality roof, it is definitely worth paying attention to metal roofing. This material has a number of advantages over other types of roofing materials, including high strength, durability, excellent performance and ease of installation.

Plant Module is one of the leading manufacturers of metal roofing in Ukraine. Only the most modern technologies are used at the factory, which allow to create a quality product that meets all international standards. All products of the plant are certified and have a quality guarantee.

If you want to buy metal roofing in Odessa, our company will gladly provide you with all the necessary assortment. We have a large selection of colors and shapes, allowing each customer to choose the option that is right for them.

Buy Metal Tile in Odessa at the Plant

The price for metal tile factory module in Odessa is one of the most affordable. Due to the use of modern technologies and optimization of production processes, the price of the plant’s products remains at a very attractive level.

In our company you can buy metal tile from the factory module at a favorable price. We provide a warranty on all products and are ready to answer all your questions about roof installation and operation.

Do not put off the repair of roofing for later – contact us right now and get quality metal roofing from the factory module in Odessa. Our specialists will provide all the necessary assistance and advice in the selection and installation of roofing material.

✅️✴️ Which is better metal roofing Slovakia or Korea?

These two manufacturers in the same thickness and 0.45 mm MAT coating cost the same price. But Korea has more zinc. Slovak has 140 grams per square meter of ball inca and Korea has 225 grams. We recommend choosing Korean metal roofing for the same money as Slovakian metal roofing.

✅️✴️ What is the difference between metal roofing Germany and Poland from Arcelor?

Both German and Polish metal roofing Arcelor has a thickness of 0.5 mm and a matte finish, they also have a ball of zinc at 225 grams per square. The only difference is that Polish Arcelor is slightly cheaper for logistical reasons. A truck of rolls from Germany goes further from and metal tile is more expensive by a few hryvnias. So there you go…

✅️✴️ How do Ifind out the cost of a metal roof?

The price of metal roofing and components can be roughly calculated as follows. We take the square footage of the roof, multiply by the price per square meter of the product and add 30% for kitting. For example: 150 squares, price 240 UAH. The price of the roof = 150*240+30% = 46 800 UAH.
Metal tile in Odessa from the plant
✅️✴️ How many days is metal roofing manufactured?

It takes an average of 2 days from receipt of order to readiness. Metal roofing production is done within 3-4 hours, the rest of the time it is a queue.

✅️✴️ Which thickness is more reliable 0.45 or 0.50 mm?

For physical loads 0.5 mm will certainly be more reliable, but according to the standards 0.45 is not inferior. The point is that in Ukraine according to the DBN snow load is 170 kg per meter square. And the thickness of 0.45 mm metal roofing will withstand a load of 260 kilograms per square. The 0.5 mm thickness can handle a load of 310 kg. Therefore, you don’t have to worry and can safely buy starting with a thickness of 0.45 mm.

✅️✴️ Does the price of metal roofing depend on the color?

No. The price of metal roofing depends only on the manufacturer, the thickness of the steel and the type of coating matte or glossy. It can also depend on the number of square meters.

✅️✴️ How and with what to cut metal roofing?

We recommend that you do not cut metal sheets with a bolgar. In such a case, the warranty will not be valid. There is a special cricket attachment. Detailed information is available from the manager.


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